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We are working on the pharmaceutical market since 1991, since then, we are continuously delivering production and marketing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. We are producing dietary supplements, medical devices, ointments and liquids of pharmaceutical purpose.

Our products are consulted in referential clinics, we cooperate with academic institutions and accredited laboratories. We are focused on the production of technologically advanced pharmaceutical preparations. Our specialization is production of sustained-release micropellets.

Our products

Our specialization is production of sustained-release micropellets. We deal with both contract manufacturing on behalf of the client and production under our own brand. We help our customers to contract during the entire manufacturing path - from the identification of a suitable formula

for the use of the product, the laboratory service, product registration, brand creation, brand reservation, production, packing until shipping and delivering the finished product to the customer.

Our services

Among marketing solutions that we are successfully implementing we can

distinguish: traditional publishing service of medical publications, factual and design service of marketing campaigns and implementation of modern IT projects. Our publications for doctors and patients are prepared and consulted by eminent specialists from various fields of medicine.

In addition to traditional media, we specialize in service creation of modern technology and visually rich applications on mobile devices, which our customers are increasingly willing to assist in their marketing activities.

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For-Med Sp. z o.o.
Bliska 17 Str., 03-804 Warsaw, Poland

e-mail: info@for-med.pl

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